Test Subjects

BAFTA-Winning Director Explores Animal Testing in New Documentary


They were young, ambitious graduate students, eager to become scientists and change the world. They never expected to be told that they should harm animals to do it.

Test Subjects, BAFTA-winning director Alex Lockwood's new documentary, explores the pressure on aspiring scientists to experiment on animals in order to earn their diplomas. It premiered on September 20 at Raindance, the U.K.'s largest film festival. PETA served as executive producer.

Seen through the eyes of a trio of former doctoral students as they recall their struggle with the expectations of academia, Test Subjects takes an unflinching look at the deeply personal decisions that these scientists made that ultimately changed the course of their lives and careers.

Test Subjects provides a peek into a world few ever get to see—and what's expected for entry into that exclusive club with its pressure to conform, to question only that which is acceptable to question, and to maintain the status quo, even if it runs contrary to good science. Test Subjects does not turn away.